Wednesday, March 20, 2002

I was planning to write last night, after the Jazz-Pistons game, but I was invited out for drinks after the game by my local (NY) Novell rep. Two huge beers, a Maker's Mark, and a tequila shot later, I was feeling no pain. Until this morning, that is. I'm not 27 anymore, and I can't . The higher altitude out here doesn't help, either.

Yesterday's sessions were better than Monday's. I picked up a lot of good information, so much that I was having trouble retaining it all long enough to write down the key points. The Jazz-Pistons game was a fun way to unwind after a busy day. My seat was in the lower bowl, just under the upper level, at one end of the court. The Jazz lost, but it was amazing to watch John Stockton run the point. He's like a Jedi Knight out there, using the Force to find a way to get the ball to the hoop. Karl Malone must have unbelievable stamina: he must have played 40 minutes, and he's recovering from the flu. Novell gave everyone $15 in meal vouchers, so I made the most of mine. I had a bratwurst with sauerkraut & mustard, some nachos, and the biggest Coke they had. With that, and the drinking, I'm surprised my digestive system hasn't gone into total shutdown.

Today's keynote was a waste of time. It was structured like a late-night talk show, but everything was so heavily scripted that was just boring. I missed the first part of it after getting up late to allow for hangover recovery, and I left early to wander around and let the headache kick in. I'm just now starting to feel human again.

Tonight will be the highlight of the conference for me: Styx, at the Delta Center. It's not that big an arena, so I'm hoping to get a good seat and some close-up pictures of the band.

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