Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I've got three days of intensive Novell NetWare 6 training starting tomorrow, so I might not be able to post much until Friday. (Not that it would be something new....) I hear bad things about these classes: they're extremely long (8 AM to 5 PM), breaks are infrequent, and during such breaks you are strongly urged to do lab work, and there's no Internet access. However, no one who's gone to these classes from my office has been a Novell guru, so I'm hoping to get the definitive experience here. If I don't get anything out of this class, I'm not about to recommend it or any like it to my co-workers. For the same price, I could be taking a five-day class counting toward my certification, and I'm sure that will factor into my impressions of this class.

On Saturday night, I accompanied Liz to a Tori Amos concert at Radio City Music Hall. I say "accompanied" because the music of Tori Amos is not something I would normally choose to listen to of my own accord. I'm familiar with some of her songs, but I'm definitely not a fan. My wife is, though, so I went with her to the concert. I was not alone: the audience consisted of groups of women and couples of women and their sensitive male significant others. I thought I saw a sympathetic look on the faces of some of the guys, as we recognized our collective predicament. Most of us would have preferred to be at any other event, but we were doing our coupled duty by being there. As far as I can tell, it was a good concert. The audience was most appreciative of Ms. Amos' performance, and she responded with two encores. Unfortunately, since it's not my kind of music, and the hall was warm, and I was digesting a large meal, I found myself dozing off during the show. That's quite a thing to consider, falling asleep at a rock concert. Now I need to find a concert or sporting event to which I can drag Liz, so she can return the favor.

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