Thursday, May 08, 2003

This entry should have been posted a week ago, but I had trouble with the browser and then I just forgot about it.

I've had a busy week at work, as usual. Yesterday, I installed the first NetWare 6 server in our production network. All the prep work we've been doing for the past few months paid off with an error-free installation. After that, I represented Georgetown University at my firm's college fair for Washington Irving High School. The university sent two prospectuses (prospecti?), two pamphlets on financial aid, a stack of about 100 blue response cards for the kids to send back, and a blue and gray GEORGETOWN banner for the table. I wish they'd sent more copies of the prospectus; it was the most popular item on the table, but I couldn't give both of them away. The banner didn't come with anything to stick it to the edge of the table (unlike the other schools, most of which came with silken tablecloths that easily hung off the table), so I fought with a makeshift scotch tape mounting system for the better part of two hours. I spoke to about fifteen students, some of whom were seriously interested in Georgetown, and others who had never heard of the school before. No one wanted to know about the English program, but several asked me about pre-med, business, and pre-law programs. One father wanted to know if his son could major in music and track. I kept asking him what he meant by track until I realized he meant the athletic program. I mentioned the Penn Relays and he seemed to understand that track was a sport, not a major. I think I disappointed them a second time when I explained that the school doesn't offer a music major yet, and probably wouldn't for five to ten more years. I enjoyed the experience, though. I don't do enough alumni work, aside from giving money to the school a few times a year, so this fair was a chance for me to do something to help out the school. And I got a free banner out of it, which means I finally have something to hang on the wall behind my cubicle. I couldn't hang my diploma there, and I don't have any artwork or pictures to put there, so the banner will do.

My wife's parents sent us a care package of goodies from Mississippi, and they tossed in a special toy just for me. I guess they remembered how excited I was at Christmas when their niece's son received a mini-RC car as a gift. He was happy to let me set it up for him and run it around the floor for a while, chasing the dog and cats. Now I have my own mini RC car with which I can torment my cats. I don't really have enough room at home to run the car, but it's fun to startle the cats with it. Vladi is the only one who chases it. Starlite runs away from it, and Magenta just sits there, oblivious as always. Liz is going to be out of the house on Saturday afternoon. It might be my chance to set up an obstacle course with jumps for the car. Where were these cars when I was 10?

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