Monday, January 24, 2005

the late great Johnny Carson

As if I needed yet ANOTHER reason to be sad today.

I won't say that I grew up watching Johnny Carson, because I can't imagine spending that many nights in the early '80s watching his show, but I did watch it more often when I was in high school. I remember enjoying the animal segments, and some of his skits and ads were great. I can't really recall any interviews other than his next-to-last show, when Robin Williams and Bette Midler were his guests. Williams did his usual manic comedian shtick, including a joke about Ross Perot (it was May 1992) pulling off a mask to reveal he was really Richard Nixon. I watched his final show the next night with a bunch of my high school buddies. It's amazing to me now that we all gathered that night to watch this guy who'd been on TV longer than any of us had been alive. Even up to the end of his run he was still making all of us laugh.

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