Monday, June 13, 2005

No more student loans

This is sort of old news at this point, but as of the end of May my student loans from college are paid in full. Nine years after the fact, my degree is mine and mine alone. Granted, people who know will remind me that one of the major benefits of going to Georgetown was that my tuition was free because my father worked at the university (and still does). Even with that serious chunk of money off the table, I still had to come up with money for room and board, books, phone and cable bills, and so on. My parents helped out, and I had a series of work-study jobs for all four years (one of which turned into a career in IT). But I also had to borrow money from Aunt Sallie Mae. However, with my final payment last month, I'm all clear. One major debt is gone from my life.

Now I can go to law school! No, wait...

I can pay down my credit card bills instead. Hmmm...

Screw it, I'm buying a car. No more subway for me, I'm driving to work!

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