Thursday, February 16, 2006

early wake-up call for hockey

NBC, in its utter boneheadedness, is airing the Olympic mens' ice hockey games live on MSNBC and the USA network in the mornings and during the day. I missed Wednesday's games, so I set my alarm for 6:30 AM today and watched parts of two games while I got ready for work. I got to see Switzerland upset the Czech team, and part of Finland's 6-0 romp over Italy. In a possibly boneheaded move of my own, I set my DVR to record all seven hours of today's hockey on MSNBC, so I can watch it later tonight with my own homemade "tape delay." It's better than what NBC is showing in prime time. The only event on tonight's schedule that I want to see is the snowboardcross. I can live without the mens' figure skating finals, even with Johnny Weir's eccentricities. I just have to find a way to compress seven hours of hockey into three hours, so I'm not up all night.

I still remember the Nagano hockey tournament with fondness. CBS showed those games live as well, but with the time difference in Japan, they aired after midnight in the US. For several nights during the Games, I took a nap in the evening, then woke up to watch hockey overnight. I went back to bed around 5 AM and got a few more hours' sleep before going to work. Oh, to be 24 again and have that kind of energy....

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