Thursday, July 27, 2006

this might be my first drunk blog post ever

OK, I'm not THAT drunk, but I did go out for a pint or two after work, which turned into a few pints and several shots of unknown alcoholic substances (one had Jagermeister, OJ, and an as-yet-unidentified liquor, but was damn tasty -- we [the group] had two of those). Anyway, on my way to visit a friend and help her with her cats, I remembered that I'd been wanting to try Stolichnaya's new Blueberi Vodka. Kim O'Donnel at The Washington Post reviewed it quite favorably last week, and ever since I'd been reminding myself to pick up a bottle. After my cat medical duties were fulfilled (I held the cats while she applied some sort of skin treatment to them), I went home and put the vodka in the freezer, because we all know ice-cold is the best way to drink the stuff. I broke out the bottle around 11 PM and tried a tiny sample in a shot glass. Oh, wow, that's tasty. I'm currently enjoying a bit of Stoli Blueberi with orange juice, making a sort of blueberry-orange screwdriver. O'Donnel wasn't kidding. This stuff is the best Stoli flavor I've had in years, and I've enjoyed all the varieties they've produced. I may have to pick up a few more bottles just in case they take it off the shelves in the fall.

And now please pardon me while I pass out at the keyboard.


Anonymous said...

That sounds great! Save some for me! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. . .and your typing, both grammar and spelling (and syntax), is wayyy too good for you to have been terribly drunk. I also noted your new photos on flickr; when were you in Lower Manhattan? My office moved down there so I work there 2 days a week now, but only for 3 more weeks!

Anonymous said...

Dammit Phil, you are supposed to call people when you are drunk! Don't you remember the reunion?

I guess posting on your blog while drunk is like calling a bunch of people due to the effectiveness of the internet in reaching a multitude of peoples.

I also bought some liquor today, but it wasn't blueberry fuckin' Stoli like you, it was a fifth of Jim Beam. I will go and have some now.

Jonathan, in his first drunk blog comments posting.