Monday, May 07, 2007

If it's the first weekend in May, it's the Five Boro Bike Tour

I rode in the Five Boro Bike Tour for the seventh time on Sunday. I'd been feeling sick all week, so I hadn't been on my bike or even to the gym in over a week, so I was apprehensive about taking my usual approach to the ride. But I had plans that evening, and I couldn't afford to take my time on the ride and get home late. Since I was feeling better on Friday and Saturday, I decided to just ride hard as usual and see what happened.

I was worried for nothing. My legs were sore more quickly than usual for a 55-mile ride, but I was able to keep up my regular pace and enjoy the BQE as I always do. The weather might have had something to do with the way my body felt during the ride. It was about 48 degrees when I left my apartment at 7:30, but with a wind chill of 42 degrees. The wind gusts cut right through the fleece sweater I wore over my cycling jersey. The worst wind was on the Queensboro Bridge. It was blowing north-south across the bridge and pushing me to my right. I'm surprised there weren't more accidents. I got to the festival on Staten Island right on schedule a few minutes after noon and stayed just long enough to pick up some freebies before I headed for the ferry and home. I even had three hours to relax at home before going out later that night.

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