Wednesday, August 01, 2007

If we were having a reunion, this would be the soundtrack

My high school class has never had a reunion. We graduated in 1992, fifteen years ago, and we have yet to reassemble as a group of more than six or seven people. I had hopes that we'd have some sort of even five years ago, but no. My now-ex-wife's 10-year reunion had to suffice for me, and in fact I enjoyed the hell out of that particular gathering. I suppose if I wanted something done for my class, I'd have to do it myself at this point, but I'm not that motivated to find a location and try to contact everyone. Especially considering that I don't live at home and it seems even more daunting to try to organize something like a reunion from far away.

However, if my class were to have a reunion, we'd have a playlist. "Yostal," one of my fellow Deadspin commenters, has a column on DeadOn called "Tied to the '90s." A few months ago he posted a playlist for a class of 1997 10-year reunion, so I asked him to do the same for 1992. Earlier this week he was lamenting that he had no ideas for his column, so I reminded him of my suggestion. You can read and hear what he came up with. I have to agree with most of his selections. I think a true DJ playlist would include more songs from 1990 and 1991, as well as the requisite '80s nostalgia tracks, but he's covered 1992 well.

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Joshua Smith said...

I would also have to throw on "We Used to Be Friends" by the Dandy Warhols, that should be on every reunion soundtrack.

T-21 days till my 15 year HS reunion.