Wednesday, January 02, 2008

'Who's going to clean up this mess?"

Gawker and Gothamist are both covering this story about an out-of-control New Year's Eve party and the resulting swath of destruction left behind in the host's apartment. People splashed wine on the walls, poured beer down the stairs, left an unspeakable mess on the couch and even tore the shower curtain off the rod in the bathroom. I've been to some crazy NYE parties, but nothing like this. It sounds like something out of a movie. The host is asking people for Paypal donations to cover the cost of the clean-up. I think that if you throw a party and your house gets trashed, you get what you asked for. I've thrown a few big parties too, and my apartment has always been a mess afterwards. The clean-up from any sort of party, whether dinner or alcohol blowout, is the big downside and one good reason why I haven't had anything bigger than an Oscars party at my place in over two years. I do have responsible friends, which may be one reason I've never faced a disaster of a mess like this one, but I still don't need to take chances.

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