Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The continued parting of a fool and his money

I've had the iPhone for a few days now and I haven't installed that many apps on it yet. I'm taking my time, sorting out the apps I definitely need (Tweetie, Facebook, Citibank) from the ones that have only marginal utility for me (iHandy Level, two movie theater apps, Paper Toss). I paid $3 for a Wi-Fi finder app for a possible work project, then when I tried the app I found that it didn't report the information I needed for the job. It's still a worthwhile app, just not for this task. And I was conflicted about paying $2 for a iPhone app that shows you which subway car to use to get off right in front of your station exit or staircase, but I bought it anyway. This information is the sort of stuff a New Yorker should learn over years of traveling on the subways, not from a program derived from a lunchtime project. (The NY Times commenters agree with me.) But I bought it anyway because I wanted to see how well it works. But I'm sure I'll forget all about it the next time I'm running late and I get off at an unfamiliar station.

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