Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My first visit to Citi Field


I wish I could say I had as much fun on my first trip to Citi Field as I had on my first visit to the new Yankee Stadium.  Like that game, we had a rain delay, but this one happened before the game and held the first pitch until just before 8 PM.  However, the rain delay allowed me to try the soft tacos, which I had heard were the best food option at the ballpark.  I didn't try anything else (except a Nathan's hot dog) but I can unequivocally say yes, the tacos are worth the trip.  My friend Jeremy came with me to the game and I thank him again for keeping me well-fed last night.

The game was dreadful.  First of all, we were competing with the Jets-Ravens game, the Yankees-Rays game in Tampa, and the mens' final at the US Open.  And it rained.  And the Mets and Pirates both stink this year.  One would think a 0-0 tie going into extra innings would be exciting, and from the perspective of those who enjoy good pitching, it was a great game.  But the Pirates found themselves in great scoring situations, once with the bases loaded with two outs, only to have the pitcher's spot come up in the order.  The Mets didn't fare any better until the bottom of the 10th when pinch hitter Nick Evans' single scored Ruben Tejada to give the home team the win.  I admit I was bored for most of the game.  I don't need high-scoring with lots of home runs, but I would have liked it if the Pirates had managed to put at least one run on the board when they had a chance.  Pat at WHYGAVS wrote a couple of posts analyzing the bunt laid down by Jose Tabata in the top of the 10th inning.  I don't know much about baseball and I couldn't figure out why Tabata bunted in that situation.  After that half-inning I went for a walk around the concourse and saw the Mets' winning hit from the far side of the stadium.  Rather than being upset about the loss, I was just happy I could go home, having seen the entire game.

I did get some good photos of the players at the plate, so there's that.




I'm going back on Wednesday, and perhaps the Pirates will have a better outing.  I don't want to have to wear my team hat in shame on the 7 train again.

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