Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I don't usually suggest recordings...

The New York Philharmonic has released a recording of their performance of Mahler's Ninth Symphony from January. The final performance in the weekend series featured the now-infamous iPhone alarm incident. Thankfully, the Philharmonic's recording is not from that ill-fated Tuesday evening, or at least the last movement is not. As I listened to the recording, I was tempted to set off the alarm on my phone during the closing bars to reenact the event. But as when I was there in the hall, I got caught up in the music and only gave the incident a passing thought.

If you're curious to hear how glorious Mahler's music can sound and why Alan Gilbert's interpretation of this work earned such rave reviews, you can buy the recording from the online music store of your choice via the Philharmonic's website. I highly recommend it.

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