Friday, August 09, 2002

There's a great new billboard in Times Square for the University of Oregon football program, whose games will be airing on the YES network this fall. I had to wonder what it all meant, aside from the obvious indication that NYC-area Oregon fans won't have to order ESPN's college football package to watch their team this season. And I didn't have to wait long for someone in the press to
weigh in on the matter.

I have to agree that the billboard and the concept are ridiculous. Why would anyone in NYC not affiliated in any way with the state of Oregon be the least bit interested in this football team? I guess it's a confluence of a team needing media exposure and a network in need of late-night/early morning programming. At least it's better than "Old Yankees Storytime Hour" airing in the same time slot. But still, there's no reason for anyone on the East Coast to give a damn about this team. It's also about a university's athletic department having nothing better to do with their money than throw it away on marketing and media exposure, but please see the link above for more eloquent thoughts on the financial matters.

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