Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Lots of news to report.

Liz and I are moving. The afternoon before my major network upgrade, we saw several two-bedroom apartments on the Upper East Side, none of which had the necessary space for us to consider moving into them. They all had two good-sized bedrooms, but little shared living space aside from the kitchen. With all our living room furniture, we would have had to put all our stuff into the spare bedroom, leaving us with the same situation we have now. The last apartment we saw looked the same as the others, with a big kitchen and two large bedrooms. Then we opened the door to what we thought was a closet and found out that it was another bedroom, the same size as the other two rooms. It was exactly the apartment we'd been looking for. A flurry of activity over the weekend and into the next week resulted in us signing a lease for the new apartment, beginning the process of re-renting our current apartment, and planning a move. Everything happens this Saturday starting at 8 AM, so hopefully by midafternoon we'll be unpacking all our stuff in a much larger space. We're not paying that much more for the extra room, either. Until then, it's going to be crazy around here. I'm taking a few days off to clean up the apartment and make some other arrangements, but we don't have to do the actual packing, we're letting the movers do it. Those who have seen our little apartment will agree that there isn't enough room in the place to pack and live for more than a few hours. If we packed our own stuff, by the time we were ready to move, we wouldn't be able to get to the door to let the movers in. Aside from the added room, I'm excited because we get a home office that eventually will have separate spaces for Liz's stuff and my own. My friend Carol and her husband have a two-bedroom apartment in Chicago with a home office filled with computer equipment. That's my dream, and someday, it will be a reality. For the time being, we'll have digital cable TV and Earthlink cable (instead of DSL) to occupy us.

Adding to the craziness last week was the musical for which Liz and I played in the pit orchestra. It was a production of COMPANY, by Stephen Sondheim, by the St. Vincent's Players, a group of nurses and one doctor from St. Vincent's Hospital in the Village, along with some professional actors. We got roped in by one of Liz's friends who played bassoon in the pit. We had a great time, met some cool people, and we're looking forward to playing their shows again. I'm not a big fan of Sondheim's music, but the songs for this show weren't bad. To try and keep them out of my head, I've been listening to the soundtrack of Godspell, which brings back all sorts of fond memories from Georgetown. Oh, how I pine for simpler days sometimes....

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