Friday, June 06, 2003

We're as packed as we can be for the big move tomorrow morning. The movers are packing our stuff as well, so we just had to clean up and unplug everything in preparing for their arrival. It's amazing the things you find when you're cleaning up almost four years' worth of detritus and assorted crap. We had several sealed glass storage jars we stowed under the kitchen sink when we moved in. I'm certain they were empty when we put them there. A few nights ago, we cleaned out the area under the sink and found the jars, two of which had water in them. One was filled almost to the top, the other about halfway. I know that the sink had been leaking; the wood panel that forms the bottom of the cabinet is warped from water damage. But how did the water get inside the sealed jars? Is it four years' worth of condensation? We may never know.

I had a fun run-in with Time Warner a few days ago. I ordered Earthlink cable Internet service instead of DSL, since we're not getting a phone line. I made the call about the Internet about 10 days ago, not sure yet when our move-in date would be. Earlier this week, when we found out the move was this Saturday, I called Time Warner to cancel the cable TV and set up an appointment for a digital cable TV install in our new apartment. At that time I mentioned the cable Internet setup, for which I was still awaiting a phone call from Time Warner to set up an installation appointment. The TW rep suggested that I go to the TW sales office on 23rd Street and pick up a self-install kit for the Internet service, so I could hook myself up once the cable TV is installed. So on Wednesday I went to the office and waited for another customer service rep to help me. That's when I found out that they couldn't give me a self-install kit, since I didn't have "active" cable service at the new apartment. Apparently you have to be "on" in their system before they hand out cable modems. I tried to argue that I'd have an active connection on Saturday afternoon, after the TV guy hooks up the TV connection, but that didn't matter on Wednesday. Also, I could have scheduled the Internet guy to come out on Saturday as well and hook that part up, but since I hadn't requested a dual install when I was on the phone with the TV rep, I was out of luck. So now I have to hope that my TV is unpacked, or at least in the apartment, when the cable guy shows up tomorrow, and that we get the TV hooked up without complications. Then I can go back to the 23rd St. office on Monday and get my cable modem. In the meantime we might be "borrowing" wireless Internet service from someone else in the neighborhood. That should be fun. I have to remind myself that I've got an entire apartment to set up, and that the Internet is not that high on the priority list for a few days.

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