Tuesday, September 23, 2003

If you liked "Badgers," you'll love "Scampi"

Gene Weingarten's chat produced this link this afternoon. I think this one is even better than "Badgers," though the song isn't as catchy.

I wish I'd been in on the chat, with all the references to bad baby names. My afternoon radio show of choice, Drake and Zeke on Rock 103 in Memphis, have featured a different bad baby name every day for years. Some of them are astounding, others dumb, most of them just plain funny. Apparently it's too much trouble to use normal names anymore. Though things can go too far the other way. One of my standard jokes at Georgetown was that if you were trying to get into a keg party and someone challenged you at the door to name one of the house's residents, you stood a good chance of guessing correctly if you said Dave or Jen.

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