Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Another year has come and gone

Once again, it's New Year's Eve, I'm at work, listening to WQXR's Classical Countdown for 2003. I guess this is what adulthood is really like: the same thing as last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, too. It's not so bad. At least there isn't much work to do today. And the music is great. WQXR doesn't always play the standard hits by the usual composers, so it's a welcome change to hear my old favorites when I haven't heard them all year. And during the countdown, you hear the entire work, uninterrupted, which is unusual for ad-driven radio. Right now, they're playing Handel's entire Water Music suite, all 59 minutes of it.

I've stayed away from most year-in-review material so far, except for Dave Barry's annual list and the roll call of the dead on CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend. Here's my 2003 review: I went on some great trips, both for business (London and Frankfurt) and for pleasure (Mississippi, Maryland [twice], Pennsylvania). Liz and I moved into a larger apartment. I read some great books, saw a few excellent movies (and a bunch of not-so-good ones), and even got a chance to play the viola again. On the other hand, I've endured a few nasty terror alerts, a blackout, a hurricane (and subsequent blackout), and I suspect my suffering on the 4/5 subway lines has only begun. My grandmother passed away this year, but I did see her in England one last time just a few weeks before she died, and I'll always be grateful I had that opportunity. Overall, above average. At least it wasn't ever dull.

I'm making just one resolution for 2004: get to work earlier.

We don't have any big New Year's Eve plans tonight. I hate to think I'm getting old, but the idea of fighting crowds at a bar or restaurant isn't too appealing anymore. The fact that it's another "amateur night" doesn't make revelry any more attractive. We had a good time at Cafe Wha? last year, but I'm getting to the point that staying in or hanging out with friends sounds like the best bet. So we're staying home, watching movies and ordering food, and looking forward to 2004.

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