Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Battlestar Galactica returns

I just finished watching the Sci-Fi Channel's remake?/re-imaging? of Battlestar Galactica . It was better than I expected. It probably helped that I don't remember much of the original TV series, so I didn't have many preconceptions of the characters or the story. While the movie doesn't explain why the Cylons are back, it does have a ending that leaves open the possibility of more movies or a weekly series. I wonder if the ratings will be high enough to warrant a regular series. And will Edward James Olmos, who said that people shouldn't watch the movie, return for a series? There aren't any other high-profile stars in the movie, so they won't spend too much money on the cast, but they do need Olmos to provide the necessary leadership role. If it comes back as a series, I'll probably watch it.

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