Monday, July 12, 2004

Spider-Man 2 premieres in the UK in Leicester Square

When I got back to the hotel this afternoon, I flipped channels and stopped on MTV. It was the UK version of "TRL" live from Leicester Square, where they had rolled out the red carpet for the S-M2 premiere. I wasn't interested enough to go right over there, so I stayed in the room, talked to Liz, and then went out to dinner with a co-worker. After dinner we walked over to the square to see if there was still any excitement. After we waited and strolled around a bit, the premiere ended and the attendees came out. There was still a large crowd of fans gathered around the red carpet, and we were amused by the behavior of the people as they saw their favorites stars (nearly all of whom were unrecognizable to Americans like me). I did see David Hasselhoff, or at least the back of his head, after a man in front of us kept saying "Knight Rider! Knight Rider!" Hasselhoff stopped to sign a few autographs, long enough for me to pick him out. He's taller than I expected. Otherwise we didn't know anyone who came out. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst were there (because I saw them on a news report after I came back to the room) but they must have slipped right into their limos and left. We then went to the bar at our hotel, hoping that since it's a fancy celebrity hangout maybe someone famous would be there, but it was not to be. We stayed for a drink anyway because we're guests and they have to serve us even though we're not attractive movie stars.

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