Friday, July 09, 2004

Too busy at work this week to post

I've had a busy week at work, which kept me from posting anything. Another guy who shares my responsibilities is on vacation for two weeks, so my projects went on hold while I covered some of his duties. Throw in the preparations for my London business trip and it meant nothing new in the blog all week.

I took today off and rode 45 miles around Manhattan on my new bike tires. The bike had three-year-old tires on it and I've had several flats on the rear wheel, so it was time to change the tires. I spent Wednesday evening struggling with the tires, eventually getting them onto the wheels, and in the process I became an expert at the procedure. However, it was such a hassle that next time I'll probably just let a bike shop do it for me. Now I know how to change an inner tube or tire in an emergency, but for regular maintenance it's just too much effort to do it myself. The new tires are faster than the old ones, so I'm glad I made the switch. Too bad I won't be able to ride again until I get back from London.

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