Wednesday, August 04, 2004

new security features at my building

I've had all sorts of craziness at work lately and blogging has fallen by the wayside. Not much of an excuse, but if you don't like it, hey, no one's making you read this.

My office building is not one of the targets in the latest terror warning, though my firm does maintain a conference center in the Citigroup Center in midtown which is on the list. But as I was leaving work this evening, I noticed the large maroon jersey barriers that someone placed in front of all of the street-level entrances, thwarting any car- or truck-bomb attempts. They must have been installed today, because I didn't see them when I came in this morning. The barriers are so garish that it looks like our building is in downtown Baghdad instead of Manhattan. The color of the barriers doesn't make any sense: why maroon? The outside of the building is black and the planters and sidewalks are a pinkish marble. Another problem is the length of the barriers: they block most of the space between the planters so there's only a little gap to walk between them. I took some pictures with my Treo camera as I was leaving, and assuming the Homeland Security folks don't arrest me, I'll post them here tomorrow. I understand the need for increased security, and I appreciate anything that keeps potential car and truck bombs away, but I think the building management got a little carried away.

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