Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Running out of disk space

One reason I haven't posted much lately is that I'm running low on storage on my personal web site, where I host this blog. If you click on the "Phil's website" link on the right side, you'll find that most of the content is now missing. That's because I've had to delete just about everything from my web site in order to make room for the blog. But now even that's not enough. I'm deciding what to do next: dump the archive, try to get more web site space from Earthlink, or move the blog to another site. The easiest (and likeliest) option is to move it to a blogspot.com address, where there doesn't seem to be any size limit. And fiveguysproductions.blogspot.com is a better URL than the home.earthlink.net one I've been stuck with for years.

Mostly I'm writing this now to see if I can actually post it, or if I'll get another disk space error.

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