Wednesday, February 09, 2005

USATODAY on podcasting

USATODAY finally published their article on the growing popularity of podcasting. Dawn and Drew mentioned that the newspaper reporter sat in on their show a few weeks back, so it's about time the article finally appeared in print. I guess that means the hipness of podcasting just took a hit. When the New York Times gets around to it in the Circuits section, that's when we'll know it's over for good.

Like blogging, I don't see podcasting disappearing anytime soon. As with anything else on the Internet, the real trick is figuring out how to make money doing it. Dawn and Drew have included advertisers in their podcast by reading promos at the end of the show and once by putting the advertiser's name in the MP3 file's ID tag (so it scrolled across the screen of my player instead of "Dawn and Drew Show"). But other podcasts just exist for the fun of it, without ads. Even Leo Laporte's Tech Guy podcasts are just edits of his radio show with all the ads removed. I'm sure we'll see more professional shows with real ads on the Internet soon enough. But for now, I like the amateurish quality of these shows. It's exciting to witness the beginnings of a new communications medium.

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