Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another troubling sign of government intervention

The Utah state legislature has approved a bill that would attempt to ban Internet porn. The details in the preceding link are fascinating. Apparently the lawmakers have no idea how this Internet thingy works. The bill would create a registry of Utah "adult content providers," require anyone who makes or hosts Web sites to rate their content for suitability for minors, and require Utah ISPs to block registered content for subscribers who request it. Never mind that most Internet pornography is created and hosted well outside the borders of Utah, and thus wouldn't be subject to the law. I love this quote from the link:

Creating a registry of Utah-based adult sites will not stop anybody from accessing online sex any more than standing chest deep in the Colorado River will stop its rush toward the Gulf of California.

Like Senator Stevens' proposal to apply FCC regulations to cable and satellite systems, and Jack Thompson's crusade against violent video games, Utah's anti-Internet porn bill is another attempt to remove parental responsibility for child-rearing. Why should parents have to worry about what their kids are watching, surfing, or playing, when they can let the government regulate all the content for them?

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