Monday, November 07, 2005

Best. Cheerleaders. EVER.

It's like a scene from a Skinemax movie, up until some punches were thrown. Two Carolina Panthers cheerleaders were arrested early Sunday morning after getting into an altercation with other patrons at a Tampa nightclub. But the reason they got into a fight in the first place was that the cheerleaders were in the nightclub's bathroom, holding up the line outside while they engaged in, let's say, the pleasures of each other's company. I'm sure these ladies won't be employed by the team much past this afternoon, but I bet they'll have offers from Playboy and Maxim by Tuesday morning.

Here's my issue with the story: in the late-night movies and other films I've seen where people get their freak on in a restroom in a bar, restaurant, or club, the bathroom is always enormous and immaculately clean. Apparently movie producers know that it's impossible to show an actual bar bathroom in a movie. Some of them are so small there's hardly room for one person, let alone two, and there's nothing clean or sexy about the typical bar bathroom. I'd avoid them completely if it weren't for the fact that you only "rent" beer. I guess the fact that one of the women in the story was so drunk she could hardly walk helps to explain why she thought that sex in the nightclub's bathroom was a hot idea.

I think I need to write another tech post now, to compensate for this one.

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