Monday, November 07, 2005

quick weekend report

We spent Friday and Saturday in southern New Jersey at a friend's wedding. My stepmother and father were there as well (since they're friends of the bride as well) so it was great to spend some time with them. Pictures will be posted tonight or tomorrow or whenever I remember to do it.

Yesterday we watched the NYC Marathon from our apartment and briefly from the street outside. I saw one of the two runners I was watching for, though I don't think she saw me or heard me cheering for her. I did see "Mr. Testicles" late in the race, though, and cheered him on. We love being able to watch the marathon from our windows, and that event combined with the traffic problems in the city and in New Jersey for the Jets game factored in our decision to come back from the wedding on Saturday night instead of Sunday morning.

I also watched the Steelers-Packers game Sunday afternoon, making it the second week in a row I've been able to see a Pittsburgh game and the fourth time this season. Last week's Monday night game was tough enough to watch (a 20-19 last-second Steelers victory) and while yesterday's win wasn't as close, the team didn't play nearly well enough for me to relax until the end. Brett Favre may be getting old but he's still dangerous, and Donald Driver picked up enough of the receptions to stay a threat all game. However, Troy Polamalu is one hell of a defender. That fumble return for a touchdown was impressive. Charlie Batch isn't about to make anyone forget about Ben Roethlisberger, though he does appear to be a capable backup until Big Ben returns in a week or two. But they could sure use Jerome Bettis in the lineup. Duce Staley looked good but rusty, and Willie Parker wasn't able to get anything going. There's always room for improvement, so maybe they'll play a little more carefully and decisively against the Browns next Sunday. I won't be able to watch the game, which is probably a good thing for my nerves. I love the Steelers, but it's too stressful to see them every weekend.

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