Sunday, January 22, 2006


I still can't believe that the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to the Super Bowl. I've waited ten years to see them go all the way, since they played the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XXX and lost. But ten years ago the NFC was the tougher conference and the Steelers had squeaked by the Indianapolis Colts to get to the championship. This time around, the AFC is the better conference, though that doesn't necessarily mean anything. The Steelers are hot right now, having won seven straight games and beaten the top three seeds in the AFC on the road to get to the Super Bowl. I hope that the two-week layoff and all the hoopla surrounding the Super Bowl doesn't do anything to blunt their effectiveness. They're playing an excellent Seattle team, with a coach who's been to two championships before and won one. But I'm cautiously optimistic about the Steelers' chances in the Super Bowl.

At least it should be a good party this year: I'm hosting it. The past two years the party has been in Brooklyn at James' place and we've had a great time, but with my new big TV and my team in the game I'm having the party at my place. I'll have to get some Steelers decorations, I might have to track down some Iron City beer, and we toyed with the idea of serving something resembling a Primanti Bros. sandwich. Instead, we'll stick to chili, nachos or dagwoods, and I'll wear the same clothes and follow the same pregame rituals as the past two weeks. I'm not superstitious, but I'm also not messing with success.

Near the end of today's game, I searched in vain for a cassette of Steelers fight songs that my mom sent me the last time the Steelers went to the Super Bowl. When I couldn't find it, I went to the Internet, where I easily found a site where I could get the "Steelers Polka" and a variety of other Steelers songs. The polka's lyrics are from the 1970s, but it's still the best of the many Steeler songs out there. I also like the 2005 version of "Here We Go Steelers," where the writer tries to find rhymes for "Roethlisberger" and work in the names of all the teams offensive and defensive stars. But it's better than the "Super Bowl Shuffle."

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