Tuesday, January 10, 2006

my new TV

I got my new TV on Sunday. It's a 27-inch standard definition TV (no HD for me yet), and it fits perfectly in my old Ikea entertainment center. It's not "new" new, but it's new to me. My father got it from his office several years ago, and it languished in a corner of his house during that time. He already had a big CRT at home, so he didn't need a second one. But he wouldn't let my stepmother throw away the spare, which I appreciated, as I had a sudden need for a new TV. James and I went to my dad's house this weekend and brought back the TV along with some other things my father had been storing for me for many years. Once we'd hauled the TV up two flights of stairs and I heaved it into place, at last I was able to enjoy TV as it's supposed to be in that entertainment center and in my living room. My old TV was fine, but it was a 20-inch screen, too small for the room it's in. This TV is the perfect size for the room. The Steelers-Bengals game looked spectacular on it, as have the rest of my usual shows. I watched a few minutes of a Star Wars DVD on it last night, and that looked so good I might have to curtail my practice of watching effects-laden movies on my computer instead of the TV (the PC monitor has better resolution that the TV). My only regret is that I didn't get this TV from him two years ago when I first moved to this apartment. Because I'm planning to replace my entire home entertainment system with HD components in a year or two (probably two). I'm waiting for flat-panel prices to fall even further, below $1000 for a 32-inch TV if possible. I'll also need to get a surround-sound audio system at that point, a HD DVD player (in whichever format wins the coming war), and a new low table or entertainment center to hold everything. I'm also thinking about how I'm going to pay for everything, as even in 2008 I'm looking at spending $2000 or more for everything. Maybe another book project? Or possibly a little white-collar crime, not the kind that would get me thrown into a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

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