Wednesday, April 19, 2006

not much news lately

I spent last weekend in Maryland and Virginia, visiting family and friends. I took some pictures of my friends' 13-month-old son, which you will find on the Flickr site. He was cranky but mugged for the camera every time I came near him. James, Jess, and I rented a car for the trip. While we had to take multiple forms of transportation just to get to the rental office (subway and bus to Penn Station, NJ Transit to Newark Airport, AirTrain to parking lot 4, Ramada shuttle van to Ramada Inn/Payless Car Rentals) we didn't have any car theft issues this time around.

While I'm not leaving New York for the next month or so, my brother is in Busan, South Korea this week on a business trip. Unfortunately, his office didn't spring for business-class seats for him and his boss, so he had to spend 15 hours in "steerage," as he puts it. I'm a little jealous, though, since I haven't been out of the country in almost two years and I've let my passport expire. My office doesn't have any overseas trips planned for my group, so there's no urgency to get it renewed. I'm always hopeful that someone in the London office will screw up and break something, requiring my assistance to fix it. And if I had to stay at the St. Martin's Lane hotel again and drink a few pints at the Bishop of Norwich pub, well, that's necessary to keep me in the right frame of mind to fix the problem.

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