Thursday, February 21, 2008

Don't mess with a good thing, OR a substitute funny

I had planned to post a detailed schedule for a typical Thursday, the point being that I'm a creature of habit and I do the same things and eat the same food every Thursday on my way to orchestra rehearsal. But then I went and changed some of my patterns today, and that messed up my universe to the point that I got stuck on the subway, was nearly late for rehearsal, barely had time to eat, and generally couldn't have had a worse time getting my evening started. Things improved from there (I can say right now that our next concert on March 29 will be spectacular!) but I decided to scrap what I was going to write.

Instead, I present this, with no fanfare. Really, I couldn't do it justice. There are many, many comedic gems on the site, including this, this, this one here (ooh la la!), and this other one from the later period. I think my parents may have some of these in their collections.

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