Wednesday, February 13, 2008

still loving the new Mac

I've spent lots of time on my new laptop this week and while I'm still figuring out how best to use all of its features, I'm really enjoying it. I hooked it up to my 19" widescreen LCD last night and unlike Windows, which would prompt me for what kind of monitor it was and how to configure it, the Mac just added it as a second screen. Right away I could drag an application like Firefox to the LCD panel and use two monitors like I do at work.

One thing I haven't been able to do yet is take advantage of the Time Machine backup feature. I have a spare external HD at home, but when I tried to format it for the Mac I got an I/O error that I haven't been able to solve. I might end up buying a new, larger external HD anyway and keep the other one for my PC. Otherwise the Mac has been everything I wanted and more. I've been carrying it back and forth to work since I got it, and while I think I'll stop doing that eventually, for now I can't really bear to be parted from it. It's just that much fun to use.

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Carol Smith said...

Welcome to the world of Mac - I got one a couple of months ago and for the most part have been quite happy. :-)