Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The best thing I overheard this week

On Monday night Kate and I were on our way back from a weekend in the Washington, DC, area by way of Stamford. Since we were on a late train back to Grand Central I decided we should take a cab home instead of lugging our stuff on the subway. As we approached the exit to 42nd Street we heard the sound of a driver leaning on their car horn. We walked through the doors just as the horn stopped and we heard a pedestrian screaming something at a cab driver. The pedestrian was trying to light a cigarette and kept shouting "It's illegal in the city! It's illegal in the city!" Then he looked at the driver and said "You wanna get out and fight?" I should point out that the cigarette smoking guy was about 140 lbs and 5'8", though the driver didn't look any bigger. After another "it's fucking illegal in the city to honk your horn!" the smoker told the driver, and I quote, "Go back to your fucking country!"

Kate's response: "Welcome back to New York."

I love this town.

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