Friday, May 16, 2008

UPDATE: The NYPD killed the raccoon

Gothamist updated yesterday's story about the raccoon in the tree to note that the raccoon had to be euthanized after NY's finest shot it with tranquilizer darts. As I expected, the officers thought the raccoon might be rabid, so they shot it. The darts penetrated the raccoon too deeply and couldn't be removed, so Animal Control euthanized it after it fell from the tree. It's too bad, because it sounds like Animal Control would have returned the raccoon to Central Park or Carl Schurz Park or somewhere else in the city where it's supposed to live. Also, according to the Post story, it's not clear if the NYPD called Animal Control to check the situation before they went after the raccoon with darts.

The NYPD has a bad animal rescue track record in the past few weeks. They fished a lost badger out of the East River, only to have the badger die later. They caught a coyote in Central Park a few months ago and it died before they could transport it upstate. I think the moral of the story is that if your cat gets stuck in a tree, don't call the NYPD unless you want a dead cat.

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