Friday, February 20, 2009

These places may be cheap, but no one wants to live there

The NAHB released its list of the top 10 most and least affordable cities in the US. At first I was going to kick myself for living in the #1 most expensive city in the country, according to their findings. Then I looked at the cities on the most affordable side. Detroit? Grand Rapids? Akron? Syracuse? If you were compiling a list of the places in this country that I would never live without being forced at the point of a gun, those places would be on the list. They might be affordable, but there's not much reason to move to any of them. I have a friend who lives in Detroit, and she's looking at her options to move elsewhere because the outlook there is so bleak. Jobs are scarce, homes are being foreclosed, and crime is on the rise.

And the smaller cities (population under 500,000) list is even worse. The only thing I know about Battle Creek, MI is that Kellogg's is there, and I'd bet they've laid off people recently. I think Cedar Point is in Sandusky, OH, and I can think of nothing redeeming about East Lansing.

I may not ever be able to afford to buy a house or even an apartment in New York, but I'd much rather live here and pay exorbitantly for rent and food than move to one of those places and have to watch my back every day.

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