Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Train-wreck television

I missed the premiere of "Joe Buck Live" last night, but the best parts are online today. For some reason, Buck (or his producers) booked Artie Lange for the first show as part of a comedians' roundtable discussion. Lange proceeded to do what he does best and rip Buck a new one. Watch the first part of the show (second clip, while it's still available), then see the online "extra" portion that HBO took down from their site. Poor Paul Rudd and Jason Sudeikis look like they want to be anywhere but on that stage. And Joe Buck's new HBO show might be over before it starts.

UPDATE: The more I think about this and read the popular reactions, I agree that HBO and Buck got exactly what they wanted by putting Artie Lange on the show. Many sports bloggers and media columnists are talking about Buck Vs. Lange today. If nothing else, this kerfuffle should boost the ratings for the next "Joe Buck Live."

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Anonymous said...

Even if your cable package went out last night, you've probably heard about the rather tepid debut of "Joe Buck Live." Tepid, until Howard Stern joke monkey Artie Lange destroyed everything Joe Buck holds dear on live television.
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