Friday, August 07, 2009

Possible NY Philharmonic ticket problems

I received my 2009-10 New York Philharmonic season tickets in the mail a few days ago. I opened the envelope expecting to find a few sheets of perforated card stock with my tickets ready to be torn off as needed. Instead, this year the Philharmonic packaged their tickets in little tear-out books, like the kind you get from a bank for loan payments.

My problem with this format is that the ticket books are by seat, not by concert. I have two tickets for each concert on my subscription. One booklet is for seat BB105 and the other is for seat BB106. So I have to remember to take one ticket from each book for each concert. I'm paranoid about forgetting my tickets so I don't foresee any trouble for myself. But has anyone at the Philharmonic's ticket printing (or ordering) office noticed that many of their patrons are older and less, shall we say, aware of whether they have the correct tickets in their pockets? I think there will be more than a few instances of people bringing the wrong tickets to concerts this season. I'd better move up my Avery Fisher arrival time by a few minutes to account for any trouble.

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