Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cycling started early this year

With the recent weeks of gorgeous weather, I've been able to get my bike out of the storage room and onto the streets earlier than ever.  In past years the bike hasn't come out until the middle of April.  But I went for my first weekend rides the third weekend in March and my first weekday morning rides this week.  I'm already at 122 miles for the year.  I doubt the weather will cooperate through all of April but I'm off to a good start.  My winter regimen of cardio seems to have kept me in decent shape.  I haven't felt sluggish or slow.  I've decided to tweet my bike mileage all year as I remember to do it.  So follow me on Twitter if you want to know how many miles I rode last weekend or my insights on a variety of subjects not related to cycling.

I'm going to need all this early cycling work if I want to ride well this summer.  My summer vacation will be a cycling tour from Prague to Vienna.  I've always wanted to see both cities and I found several companies that run tours from one to the other.  I'll be in Europe for ten days in July, six of them on a bike exploring the Czech and Austrian countryside.  It's the trip Mozart would have made if he'd had a bike.


Digger said...

Where's the cycling updates? Or is the lack of updates saying zero cycling?

PhilCatelinet said...

I rode out to Coney Island on Saturday and rode the Cyclone and had a shorter ride on Sunday. But I haven't been on the bike since then. It was too cold on Tuesday morning and I overslept today. I'll try to get some miles in on Sunday.