Friday, May 14, 2010

It took 15 years, but I'm finally a regular

Since NYRO moved to our new home at the Church of St. Mary The Virgin on 46th Street, we've enjoyed weekly post-rehearsal libations at St. Andrews, the Scottish bar across the street from the church.  We usually drink at the upstairs bar because it's quieter and there's more room for a dozen or so people with musical instrument cases.  I've developed a taste for Scotch, particularly Laphroaig.  Each week I usually have a glass or two of Laphroaig with a glass of water on the side.

Also, because I'm an Internet geek, I've been on Foursquare since February and the "mayor" of St. Andrew's since early March.  One evening, we shared this information with our bartender, Donald, and he was not impressed by my status.  And my friends in the orchestra have enjoyed ribbing me about this dubious distinction.  To add insult to injury, I've always wanted to walk into a bar and say "I'll have the usual" and have a drink ready for me.  So a few weeks ago I got to the bar and asked Donald "if I ordered 'the usual,' would you know what that was?"  He said no, and my friends laughed.  And I felt shame. 

But everything changed last night.  When I walked up to the bar Donald was waiting for me with a Laphroaig and water.  I don't think that's ever happened to me before, not even back in the day when James was tending bar at Chadwick's in Georgetown and my friends and I drank there nearly every weekend.  I can't recall him pouring me a Sierra Nevada as I walked in the door.  At last, in the waning days of the NYRO season, I've been recognized.

So here's to you, Donald.  Thank you for making me feel like a big shot for one night.  It's too bad next week is our last rehearsal of the season and our Thursday night drinking sessions will take the summer off.  I will have to go back there a few times over the summer and try to maintain my office and its privileges.

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