Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Watching hockey games with a group

Last year, every game I saw of the Pittsburgh Penguins' Stanley Cup playoff run I watched at home by myself.  It was great having total control of the food, drink, and TV, but when we scored and won games I had no one with whom to celebrate.

This season I've been watching some of the playoff games at Foley's in Herald Square.  It's the home base for the NY Pittsburgh Penguins meetup group.  I've met some great people, talked hockey, reminisced about Pittsburgh, and watched the Penguins.  I tried watching some Steeler games at a bar near my apartment last fall and while that was fun, somehow it felt like more of an effort.  Maybe it was all the beer drinking on a Sunday afternoon, something I'm not used to doing.  And the group at that bar didn't feel all that welcoming of newcomers.  But the Penguins fans at Foley's have been friendly and engaging.  Tonight is game 7 of the conference semifinals against Montreal, and I wouldn't miss watching it at the bar.  There will be some live-tweeting.  I'd live-blog the entire game, but it's hard enough to avoid spilling beer on my phone.  I'm sure my laptop wouldn't survive the night.

Let's Go Pens!

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