Friday, June 04, 2010

No time for a subject -- I have a flight to catch

I'm on my way to Chicago today for Blogs With Balls 3.0, a sports blogging conference.  I wouldn't call myself a sports blogger; I prefer to think of myself as a blogger who writes about sports occasionally.  But I do write about sports, and I think the conference will be a good excuse to get out of New York for the weekend, meet some like-minded writers, learn more about what's involved in blogging about sports, and have fun in another city.  I'm looking forward to meeting some people whose work I've been reading for years and putting faces to Twitter names.  Don't expect any posts over the weekend (unless I am really inspired late on Saturday night) but there may be live-tweeting on Saturday. 

Incidentally, I'm flying JetBlue for this trip so it's my first chance to see the new Terminal 5 at JFK Airport.  They did a great job.  The security setup is well-designed, there are plenty of shopping options if you're so inclined, and who doesn't love free Wi-Fi?  And the trip out here from the LIRR and the AirTrain was faster than I expected.  It worked out well as a trial run for my vacation later this summer.

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