Monday, February 16, 2004

Brief weekend review

Friday night: Liz and I saw The Triplets of Belleville, one of the most creative and imaginative movies, animated or otherwise, that I've ever seen. It's about cycling and the Tour de France, but in the same way that Star Wars is about robots. The music alone is amazing, and I can't wait to see how the title song is performed at the Oscars.

Saturday: Liz volunteers at the ASPCA and she went to an adoption event where the featured guest of honor was the losing finalist from the first "Average Joe" series. I don't want to say that this guy wasn't a hit, but he had a stack of publicity photos and not many takers. Liz told me that someone at the event had to call her friends to come over and meet him so he would have something to do. At least the day was a success for the animals: at 3 PM when she left four dogs and fifteen cats had been adopted.

We went to Dawat, one of New York's best Indian restaurants, for dinner. They offered three prix fixe menus with five items each, and since we each ordered different options, we had about 10 dishes on the table when the main courses arrived. It was busy but delicious. Since they didn't offer sag paneer that night, we'll have to go back so Liz can get her favorite dish.

Sunday: I made buttermilk waffles for brunch and we spent the afternoon listening to Bob Dylan and George Jones CDs.

Monday: we went to see 21 Grams. It was quite a downer, though the actors were superb. Naomi Watts is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses, and though it had nothing to do with the movie, I kept wondering when Sean Penn will star in a biopic on Johnny Cash. Regarding the movie itself, at first I was put off by the editing, but after a few minutes it started making sense chronologically and helped the story. Next on my depressing Oscar movie list: Mystic River.

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