Tuesday, August 09, 2005

"PBS" goes classical

I loved Sunday's "Pearls Before Swine." One of my co-workers uses a Tchaikovsky waltz as her ringtone, and it's really gotten annoying. I'm sure my "Krusty the Clown" theme song/ringtone bothers people, but at least it's not classical.

Which reminds me: I've ordered my new cell phone. After reading more reviews of the Motorola V551, of which there were far more negative than positive, I decided to get a Nokia 6620 instead. I was bidding on a few phones on eBay over the weekend while we were in Pittsburgh (more on that trip in another post) and nearly won one, until I was outbid with one second left in the auction. After that stressful experience, I decided to spend a bit more and just get an new, unlocked 6620 from an eBay vendor using the "Buy It Now" option. My new phone has been shipped and should arrive at the end of the week or on Monday, depending on the vagaries of FedEx. I'll have to post a review when I get it.

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