Monday, September 26, 2005

my "new" cubicle

On Friday I packed up all the stuff in my "office," and over the weekend it was moved across the hall to my department's new (to us) office space. The help desk moved downstairs a few weeks ago, and after some renovations, their old space was ready for us to move in. The cubicles are the same ones that were here before, and I'm not sure the work crew did anything other than wipe them down. When my boss gave us the chance to pick our cubicles, I took the one in the back corner so that once again I'd have a wall behind me instead of another cubicle. I hadn't seen the actual cubicle until this morning when I got to work, so I was slightly upset to see that the shelf unit is tilted. I can't put any books on it before someone fixes it, so my crate of tech books will stay packed up until that happens. There are a few other cosmetic issues, but it's in good shape. By midafternoon I had all of my computers and accessories hooked up the way I like and most of my desktop tchotckes unpacked. There are a few things about the new cubicle that I really like. One is that I have a metal divider between my cube and the one across from me, so my neighbor and I can hear each other but we don't have to see each other. There's a fabric board and a whiteboard on the other cube wall. And we all got new Aeron chairs to go with our new desks. The springs in my old office chair were completely shot, so when I sat down I felt like I was a little kid at the grown-ups' table. The Aeron chair is brand-new with all the adjustments you could ask for. We've all coveted the lawyers' Aeron chairs for years, and now we've got them. Of course, I joked with my boss that since the firm was good enough to buy us the new chairs, they'd have to take away one of our benefits. He said that they're not going to pay for chiropractors any more.

I took a few pictures of my new cube, and I'll see if I can post them later tonight when I get home.

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