Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Laundry held hostage: day 8

I can see my laundry bag sitting on the counter of the laundromat, but with the place closed and the shutters locked, it might as well be in Siberia. Earlier this afternoon, I called the laundromat and they actually answered the phone. I asked the guy if they were open and he said yes. Then I asked how late they'd be open, and he said until 6 PM. (Their posted hours are 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM.) So I said I'd leave work early and come get my stuff by 6. I asked several times if they'd be open at 6, and after hearing a long conversation in another language, he said yes. He said they'd be open at 11 AM tomorrow, not that that helps me much. I should have just left work immediately and gone home, because now that I'm about ready to leave, they're not answering the phone anymore. I guess I'll go now anyway, and plan to come in late tomorrow. If anyone who reads my blog has any thoughts on how to get my laundry out of there through some other method (landlord, police, possible threat of legal action), I'm open to suggestions.

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Psychologygirl said...

Bring your laundry along next time you visit us - then it'll really be in Siberia :-)