Thursday, February 01, 2007

"Cartoon Morons" in Boston and the media reaction

I just love the story about the "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" movie promotion that sparked a terror scare in Boston. Specifically, I'm enjoying the media response. ATHF is such an underground show that the news outlets don't know how to characterize it. Most aren't even bothering to try to explain it, opting to just mention the show's name and network. However, the New York Post, displaying the evenhanded treatment they give to all their stories, refers to ATHF as a show "...geared toward the Doritos-munching insomniac stoner crowd." Wow! That's me! I also saw a bit of the local FOX station's morning show coverage of the story, and while I don't remember any of their exact remarks, the anchors thought the cartoon was idiotic. The "Today" show covered the story at the top of the show, and they blurred out Ignignokt's upraised middle finger and referred to it as an obscene gesture. But FOX 5 showed the device and its offensive digit unobscured. God forbid the children should see a pixelated middle finger!

I can understand why people would be scared of strange devices depicting the Mooninites. Unlike the Plutonians, if Ignignokt and Err ever got their act together, they could take over the world.

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