Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Knicks vs. Heat at MSG

I went to my first Knicks game last night at the Garden, where they beat the Heat 99-93. It was a close game most of the way but Eddy Curry and Stephon Marbury played well and held on for the win. I didn't know until this morning that Shaq scored his 25,000th point last night, though since he was on the road it wouldn't make sense for the MSG scoreboard to make a note of that fact. It was exciting to see him and Alonzo Mourning playing (not at the same time). Even if Shaq is on the tail end of his career, he's still a force on the court. One of the Knicks fouled him hard early in the 1st quarter, and I could tell they were hoping to treat him that way the whole game. Mourning, even with his age and his physical condition, was able to contribute when Shaq was on the bench. Unfortunately for the Heat, both centers got in foul trouble so they had to play Michael Doleac for a while in the 2nd half. And when I bought the tickets from a friend it was in the expectation that I'd get to see Dwyane Wade and Shaq together. Then Wade dislocated his shoulder last week and may be out for the season, so he wasn't playing. Still, it was an exciting game, and it's always fun to see your team win.

I'm kicking myself a little for not bringing my camera. The Garden's web site says cameras are prohibited (along with backpacks), so I left my stuff at work. James brought his backpack and had no trouble getting in, and I saw plenty of people with cameras. I'm consoling myself with the thought that most of my sports photos are dull and taken from too far away to show anything interesting. That would have been true last night as well. We had good seats, but I couldn't have gotten any shots of the game from where we were. But I'll remember my camera next time, just the same.

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