Thursday, February 22, 2007

clearly, decorating isn't for me

I've been living alone for a year now, and I've still got a giant empty space on one wall of my living room. The other walls are occupied by the things that have been there since I didn't live alone and had someone to design the interior space for me. I have vague plans to buy a poster or other piece of art and hang it on the hook on the wall, but that hasn't happened yet. I'm hosting a small gathering of friends to watch the Oscars on Sunday night, and I had considered getting something for that wall by Sunday. But the wall is still there, mocking me with its bare picture hook. My latest idea is to take one of my own photos and "posterize" it: print it out on several sheets of paper like a collage, then assemble the pieces and hang or tape up the results. I'm afraid that's going to look too much like something I'd have done in my dorm room had I gone to college in this decade instead of the previous one. Last night would have been the perfect time for me to tackle a home improvement project, but I sat around watching TV and playing computer games instead. Apparently, motivation isn't for me either.

I still have two full days plus Friday night to clean the apartment and, if desired, print out a photo and stick it on the wall to make it look like I give a damn about my living space. If I do actually follow through with this idea, and it looks like crap, I can tell people that I'm trying something new. Anything is better than the nothing that's there now.

Also, this story illustrates why I should never buy a house on my own. I'd never bother to fix up the place, living with whatever awful wallpaper and carpet the previous owner left behind.

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