Sunday, April 22, 2007

the first great weekend of the year, weather-wise

With spring at last making an appearance in New York, I took some time to do things I hadn't done since October. I went on my first real bike ride of the year on Saturday, a 30-mile loop of Manhattan on the greenways. (Actually, I rode my bike the previous Saturday as well, but that was more of a shakedown for my new clipless pedals and cycling shoes than actual exercise.) I stayed inside for most of Saturday afternoon taking care of spring cleaning. I washed off a winter's worth of dirt from my windows, then I shredded about four years' worth of old credit card offers, statements, and financial papers. I still have plenty of junk to clear out of my office, but it's a start.

Today, hung over from a friend's birthday party last night, I nearly succumbed to the temptation to spend my entire day inside watching baseball, basketball, and hockey on TV. In particular, the HD feed for Mets-Braves game looked so crystal-clear it was like I was at the game. That's when I realized I could be outside enjoying the weather in RD (real definition) instead of watching it. I went to Carl Schurz Park and read a book and engaged in some people-watching. Thanks to one of my ongoing work projects (finding a provider for wireless network access for traveling attorneys) I'm writing this post outside a Starbucks a few blocks from my apartment. I could get used to working outdoors like this.

In other news, I think I need to get another cat for Mr. Starlite to play with. I talked to one of my neighbors on Friday evening, and she asked me if I was at home during the day. I said no, and she told me that she was home and heard Starlite crying most of the day. He's a vocal cat most of the time anyway, but I'm beginning to think that he really does miss the company of other cats when I'm at work. I've decided that I'll get another cat after I settle my apartment lease renewal. My lease runs out at the end of May, and I've already notified my landlord that I want to renew it. If my rent increase isn't too substantial then I'll get another cat as soon as I know I won't have to move. If I do end up moving (highly unlikely, but still a possibility) then I'd get another cat shortly after settling in a new apartment. Either way, he'll have a new friend soon.

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