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something from the back of the rack

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The Best of Dan Dierdorfisms

Monday Night Football

1993 Season

Listed in order of occurrence through the season

  1. "That was a three-yard pass. That is how far the ball went in the air."
  2. "There's a guy who had some Dr. Al's elixir at halftime."
  3. "That's as good as ugly can be."
  4. "That guy is a football player."
  5. "A good attribute for any linebacker to have is a moderate measure of insanity."
  6. "It takes a lot more than that to injure Carl Banks. That thing's got to be dangling to keep Carl Banks out of the game."
  7. "Irving Fryar used to play for New England, and now he's catching passes from Dan Marino. Irving Fryar must pinch himself everyday."
  8. "I'd like to have a neurologist examine Dan Marino, because he must have different nerve endings."
  9. "When you're a special teams maven like [Steve Tasker] is, you're a couple bubbles off center."
  10. "I am proud to study at the feet of the master."
  11. "Those guys are gonna go back to the sidelines and feel really inadequate."
  12. "That's an odd-looking ball."
  13. "All great quarterbacks feel what they can't see."
  14. "We had a shot that showed pretty graphically that his finger was dislocated and we feel the need to pass that on to America."
  15. "We're talking about one of the most beautiful spectacles in nature . . . and I don't mean my golf swing."
  16. "I think Favre need to go sit on the bench, cross his legs, and take a few deep breaths. He's looking a bit stressed."
  17. "There's 'Achy Breaky Hearts,' Al, but with these guys, it's achy breaky knees, arms, and so on."
  18. "I don't know what's worse -- him doing it or me talking about it."
  19. "This is a game played by tough people."
  20. "We've seen Neil O'Donnell be nifty back there."
  21. "Steve Young's cocktail frank is in for a match tonight."
  22. "There's not an offense in the NFL that uses its tight end like the '49ers."
  23. "O go, you Husker, go." (referring to Tom Rathman, Nebraska graduate)
  24. "To say that 2:47 is enough for this opportunistic '49er offense to score a touchdown . . .[long pause] doesn't have to be said."
  25. "Whoa, this is surgery without anesthetic."

And a few extras from Dan's co-hosts:

From Al Michaels: "If you had the sound down, Dan's gonna come over and slap you."

From Frank Gifford: On Michael Jordan: "What a great tight end he'd make."

Many thanks to all who assisted in collecting these fine words of wisdom throughout the season. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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